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Global Igbo Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation consisting Igbo leaders, professionals and advocates of Igbo extraction from different countries of the world.  

The mission and purpose of GIA is to protect the rights and legitimate interests of Igbo people.

GIA is committed to promoting the legal rights of Igbos in Nigeria and the diaspora through strategic consultation, advocacy, negotiations with relevant local and international bodies, including petitions or litigation where necessary.


GIA objectives are as follows: 


  1. To protect the legitimate interests of Igbos anywhere in the world.

  2. To address the social, political and economic needs of Igbo people fairly and effectively.​

  3. To promote the right and dignity of the Igbo people through advocacy, awareness and public education.

  4. To promote the legal right of Igbo people with respect to co-existence and self-determination.​


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